Deemer combines a street poet's insight with the barely restrained energy of a rock & roller. The results are insightful, live-wire songs.”

— Scott Mullins, Program Director 89.7 WTMD Baltimore.

KURT DEEMER BAND is a union of indie-rock musicians who emerged from the Baltimore club scene and coalesced around the melodic pop songs of frontman Kurt Deemer. Many years of songwriting have given Kurt’s compositions a rich and timeless feel. They draw from the same American musical heritage as Tom Petty, Dave Grohl, and Paul Westerberg to name a few. There is an unmistakable style that has been well honed yet resists the stereotypes.

Latest News

We have been hard at work all winter long on our upcoming release due out this spring. We are very excited about this full length album and we think you are going to love it so check back here often for updates and in the mean time have a look and listen to all of our great content available here as well as our social media links.

Upcoming Shows

March 13th at The Rec Room w/ The Successful Failures , 7PM

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